Personal Protective Equipment

We are creating an ecosystem of Personal Protective Equipment inventories in Singapore to ensure that supplies are efficiently allocated to where it is needed the most

Building Sustainability into Singapore’s PPE Supply Chain

More than a year after the pandemic began, our world now throws away more than 50,000 surgical masks every second. Countless more single-use surgical gowns, face shields and N95 masks are disposed of into landfills and incineration plants. These personal protective equipment (PPE) contain non-biodegradable materials such as polypropylene, the same material found in plastic straws.


This is nothing short of an environmental crisis in the making. But there are no simple solutions.

Here in Singapore, nursing homes, children care centres, and other agencies are required to hold inventories of up to a few weeks worth of PPE for all their staff. This is expected and reasonable however PPE are not routinely used and that means there is a high possibility that most of the PPE rests on shelves until they meet expiry. On the other hand, front-line agencies and hospitals are burning through boxes of PPE every single day. 

We got to thinking. There must be a better use of these near-expiry PPE stock than to just dispose of them. 

Our collaboration aids the front-line war

We are looking to partner up with front-line agencies and hospitals in Singapore to soak up the near-expiry PPE stock held in nursing and children homes. 

  • Nursing and children homes will directly benefit from the savings on their near-expiry PPE stock, encouraging them to routinely monitor the expiration of their inventory.
  • Front-line agencies and hospitals earn substantial savings from buying back near-expiry PPE at reduced pricing.
  • The amount earned from the buyback of near-expiry PPEs will be donated to nursing and children homes; or used to subsidise future purchases of PPE stock.
  • Near-expiry PPE ends up being used by those who need it the most, rather than ending up in landfills or incineration without ever leaving their packaging.

To ensure that the PPE resupplies are safe and usable, we will only accept unopened PPE from partners who have previously purchased from us. These PPE are sourced from trusted, certified suppliers such as MEDTEC’s high-risk isolation gown (AAMI 4-IL-4036YKTP and AAMI 2- IL2025YTU).

By automatically monitoring the expiration dates on PPE inventories in nursing and children homes, we are able to efficiently reallocate these PPE stock to where it is needed the most – anytime, anywhere.

Purchase PPE through Bar & Hertz Recovery

Thanks to our innovative model, we are able to provide medical-grade, HSA-certified Personal Protective Equipment to nursing and children homes at subsidised prices. If you are a nursing or children home – or any other facility in Singapore requiring PPE – please contact us at to receive a quotation. We are able to make free deliveries at short turnaround times.

What People Say
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Alvin Chua Director & Principal Social Worker, Melrose Home

The whole process of procuring and delivery was seamless. Bar & Hertz Recovery was proactive in communication and has the end goal of a sustainable PPE ecosystem supply, reducing global waste which will eventually reduce our regulatory requirement in future. Will highly recommend.

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Cayden Woo Deputy Director/Head of Home Operations, Sunbeam Place @ Children’s Society

Bar and Hertz has been our greatest support and go-to-company for our purchase of personal protective equipment. They have great knowledge about their products and provide valuable and insightful recommendations and suggestions for our purchases. Special mention to Brandon for being supportive to cater to our needs. He keeps us updated throughout the purchasing process until items are safely delivered to us. We are impressed with the prompt delivery and how stocks are of great quality and condition as described.

With the current ongoing pandemic situation, Bar and Hertz has been very assuring and accommodating when we contacted at the last minute to make urgent purchase. They are indeed reliable and trustworthy.

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Augustine Tee Deputy Head of Home, The Haven

A team of friendly & patient consultants who took efforts to explain the various types of PPEs and functions. They provided valuable insights to the needs for the sector and current trend of pandemic usages. The entire flow of communication was very smooth. What surprises me was the level of efforts where there are following ups by the consultants even after successful purchases. This provides the assurance of quality purchased and constantly kept up to pace the needs while pandemic is on-going.

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