Degenerative conditions

Osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal degenerative conditions are common amongst elderly, causing decreased mobility and chronic pain. ESWT can slow down cartilage degeneration and aid in deep tissue repair, relieving the pain that many of our elderly experience. 

Reducing Muscle Spasm through ESWT

Spasticity causes significant long-term disability-burden, requiring comprehensive management. For the treatment of spasticity in patients suffering of stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis etc either focused shock waves or radial pressure waves have demonstrated their effectiveness. Moreover, no serious side effects have been examined. Early effectiveness has been observed, as its long-term effect at 2-3 months after treatment.

ESWT is commonly used for pain recovery but its applications extend beyond facilitating deep musculoskeletal tissue regeneration.

  • Foot & Ankle
  • Knee, Thighs & Lower Legs
  • Pelvis & Hip
  • Shoulder and Upper Arm
  • Lower Arm & Hand
  • Back & Neck

Foot & Ankle

Typically occurring on the back or underside of your heel, heel pain tends to result from chronic overuse. Ankle pain or sprain occurs when forceful twisting leads to ligament tears in the ankle. ESWT is clinically proven to stimulate tissue repair and blood circulation around the foot and heel areas.

Medical Conditions:

Heel Spurs | Plantar Fasciitis | Achilles Tendonitis

Clinical White Papers:

Knee, Thigh & Lower Leg

Inflamed tendons and joints around the thigh, knee and lower legs could result in intense pain and chronic injuries. Whether the cause of inflammation is injury or ill-fitting shoes, it is important to stimulate healthy blood circulation around the inflamed regions. ESWT accelerates this process non-surgically and non-invasively.

Medical Conditions:

Shin Splints | Patellar Tendonitis | Iliotibial Band Syndrome | Knee Osteoarthritis

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Pelvis & Hip

Inflamed tendons and joints around the pelvis and hip areas could cause difficulty in movement and noticeable swelling and pain. Applying ESWT over the inflamed regions can activate the body’s natural healing process.

Medical Conditions:


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Shoulder & Upper Arm

The scarring and swelling of the shoulder tendon or joint can cause acute pain and loss of range and motion on the shoulder and elbows, worsened by prolonged immobilisation. ESWT can break apart the scar tissue and promote deep tissue regeneration around these joints.

Medical Conditions:

Frozen Shoulder | Tennis Elbow | Golfer’s Elbow

Clinical White Papers:

Lower Arm, Wrist & Fingers

Inflamed tendons in the finger or wrist could be the result of overuse, trauma, infection or inflammatory disease. ESWT can be applied on targeted areas of the hands and wrists to promote blood circulation around the inflamed areas and stimulate metabolism.

Medical Conditions:

Wrist Pain | Trigger Fingers | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Hand Arthritis

Clinical White Papers:

Back & Neck

Overstraining the back by muscle injury or ligament tear could cause acute and chronic back pains. Similarly, it is usual to experience wear and tear of the neck joints with age. ESWT can be generally applied to alleviate neck and back pains by encouraging deep tissue regeneration.

Medical Conditions:

Lower Back Pain | Neck Pain

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PLACEHOLDER: The results was amazing and i felt great just after one session. Most importantly, the pain has been greatly removed and i can get back to my favourite sports. Highly recommended to anyone suffering from any form of chronic pain especially sportsmen.

Alan. N, 49 y.o.


As an office worker, long hours of sitting has caused me chronic lower back pain for years. Working from home means more sedentary lifestyle and that has worsened my backaches. Being sceptical of physiotherapy, I wasn’t sure whether ESWT would be suitable. But after just the first session, I felt immediate pain relief with no downtime at all. About 3-4 sessions, my back pains were minimised. 100% recommended for anyone who has been suffering from lower back pain.

Jenny Lim, 37 y.o.


PLACEHOLDER: But very few methods have worked well - they are mostly superficial, short-term relief. ESWT does the opposite - it is geared for long-term recovery and accelerates tissue repair. I am back on track and feeling better than ever!

A. Mizra, 32 y.o.

Software Engineer

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