Making Recovery
Affordable for All

Our Mission:

To introduce technology-based solutions to alleviate chronic pain for everyone, especially those who are underprivileged and underserved.

The logic behind our name

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), otherwise referred to as shockwave therapy, are sound waves that have a single pulse, a wide frequency range and a high pressure amplitude. As such, the name Bar & Hertz is based on the principles of Pressure and Frequency in the physiology of ESWT, where Bar and Hertz are international metric unit of measures in the sound waves. 

The Inspiration Behind Bar & Hertz Recovery

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the plight of many menial workers – our cleaners, security officers, construction workers – was brought to light. They are always carrying heavy loads, standing for long hours and have virtually limited or no access to pain relief solution. Research studies on chronic pain found that the elderly from lower socio-economic backgrounds are disproportionately affected by chronic injuries.

Technologies like ESWT potentially enable affordable, accessible pain relief and recovery services for anyone who is suffering from any form of chronic pain. This is also the reason why I founded Bar & Hertz Recovery  to address this inequality. Our purpose is to subsidise the cost of ESWT for these group of underprivileged through this platform.

This is what drives me to work every day: to introduce ESWT to more clinics and reduce the cost through CSR initiatives. Ultimately, to use exceptional technology to drive extraordinary healing at an affordable price point.

Recovery Solutions should be
accessible and affordable for anyone

Chronic pain affects more than 8% of our society, with the highest prevalence among females and the elderly – especially Singaporeans living in rental flat communities. Elderly working in menial positions, such as cleaning and security, are often exposed to harsh conditions and long hours. Common pains including weak knees, lower back pains and generalised injuries sharply reduce their quality of life.

Breakthrough technologies such as shockwave therapy already exist on the market. But for those who need it the most, this technology is unknown, inaccessible or simply too expensive.

We are changing this

Every initiative at Bar & Hertz Recovery is oriented towards making advanced recovery solutions available to those who need it the most


Increasing access points for ESWT treatment

ESWT is currently only offered at selected clinics. We are working with physiotherapy clinics across the country to make this technology available. Every time a clinic comes onboard, we will be able to feature them on our booking page.


Providing home therapy

We recognise that many elderly or patients suffering from chronic conditions do not have the luxury to travel to clinics regularly. We want to make shockwave therapy accessible by providing high-quality home therapy as an option.


Developing CSR programmes

We are always on the lookout for corporate sponsors who can subsidise the cost of shockwave therapy for underprivileged communities such as rental flat occupiers and nursing homes.

Our Work Is
Never Complete...

We want to make the best recovery products and solutions available at even more affordable rates over the next few months and years. We don’t ever want cost to be a problem for anyone suffering from chronic pains.

Have any enquiries?

If you are interested to find out more or have any questions relating to our directory, shockwave therapy or CSR initiatives, contact us below!