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Partner clinics of Bar & Hertz Recovery offers Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) treatment to accelerate muscle and joint pain recovery. ESWT is a safe, non-invasive procedure that has been  clinically proven to be effective across multiple chronic degenerative conditions and athletic injuries. Using calibrated shockwaves, ESWT breaks up scar tissues, increases blood circulation and enhances natural regeneration.

Making Recovery Affordable for All

We believe that affordable recovery solutions like shockwave therapy should be available to all. Whether you are using ESWT for post-stroke rehabilitation or cellulite removal, we aim to make our solutions affordable for the masses.

Sports Injuries

Degenerative Conditions

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Erectile Dysfunction


Sports Injuries

Degenerative Conditions

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

The best kept secret in pain recovery

For most, shockwave therapy has been a well-kept secret in high-end physiotherapy clinics. It is a clinically validated solution that has been demonstrated to relieve acute pain and accelerate long-term musculoskeletal recovery. But too few know about shockwave therapy. Leading clinics around the world are already promoting ESWT as the next-generation of physiotherapy, podiatry, urology and aesthetic treatments.
Our services are exceptionally popular among:

High-energy sound waves

Short bursts of high-energy soundwaves are transmitted through a hand-held transducer for 15 minutes, applied directly onto the injured tissue safely and non-invasively.

Immediate pain relief

Intense shockwaves produces an almost instant analgesic effect which stimulates nerve fibres in the targeted area to block pain stimulation.

Deep tissue recovery

Over four sessions, shockwave therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to improve blood supply and oxygenation for faster healing.

Versatile, evidence-based treatment for all

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The scientific literature around ESWT’s safety and efficacy is unquestionable. It is the best recovery option for many conditions and indications, especially in patients who are currently non-responsive to conventional physiotherapy.

Patient's testimonials on eSWT

I have seen several TCM for the persistent ankle condition but was unable to get a long lasting recovery effect until i tried ESWT. The results was amazing and i felt great just after one session. Most importantly, the pain has been greatly removed and i can get back to my favourite sports. Highly recommended to anyone suffering from any form of chronic pain especially sportsmen.

Alan. N, 49 y.o.


The session was useful in helping me to understand where the spinal pain was coming from and how to better manage it. On top of receiving the shockwave treatment at the specific area, the therapist also taught me certain exercises to strengthen my lower spine area for greater support. I could feel immediate results after just one session

Joanne Yan, 34 y.o.


ESWT has worked wonders for my chronic plantar fasciitis condition. Being an avid runner, competing in local and overseas marathons, I know the important of treating the source of my injuries. But very few methods have worked well - they are mostly superficial, short-term relief. ESWT does the opposite - it is geared for long-term recovery and accelerates tissue repair. I am back on track and feeling better than ever!

A. Mizra, 32 y.o.

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